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Welcome to Baja!

Imagine yourself living in a place with impeccable weather, an active, outdoors lifestyle, and a low cost of living. Where everybody can live like kings and queens. And it’s all just a hop, skip, and a jump from San Diego. This is home, this is Baja, this is Puntazul.

Baja California has many faces, dimensions, and shades. At every corner there is something new to discover and relish, a surprise waiting to be uncovered. Come to Mexico! Feel the warmth of the sun, yes, but also the warmth of our people and the richness of our traditions. Explore a remarkable region rooted in culture, history, and art. Indeed, Baja has a pulse that simply captivates you.


The loss of cherished traditions is one casualty of our technology-driven, modern life. But not in Baja! Here we celebrate the simplicity of life and the things that really matter, like family and friends, good food and good times. Imagine life in the slow lane, where there’s time not only to savor the ocean breeze, but also to rediscover a sense of family, community, and tradition.

It’s no wonder that an increasing number of Americans, Canadians, and Europeans are now calling Baja home.


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